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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance may not be as simple as you think, so allow us to do it for you.

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers should always provide the convenience they are meant to provide, so contact us if you need troubleshooting or repairs.

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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Our specialists in garage door repair offer same day emergency services and take care of all issues fast

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Care to discover more about your garage door and finally get answers to all these questions you keep wondering about? Check out our informative answers here. We try to answer the most frequently asked questions as simply as we possibly can in order to make your life much easier.

High-quality garage door service for both commercial and residential types

All inquiries are dealt with by these FAQs for garage door repair. Visit and learn the latest.

Why is my transmitter not opening my garage door?

Technicians from Garage Door Repair Menlo Park are often called out for this issue. Generally it is a power source issue. If the problem is restricted to one fob, it is probably time to replace the batteries. However, if the problem is happening with multiple fobs and the unit has power, it may be that the system has reset. This can happen if you have experienced a recent power loss, which will have restored the system to its factory settings.

Why do openers have a variety of different power options?

There are a number of different power options available for openers simply because of the differences in garage doors. Heavier or larger doors require a greater amount of power to operate the lifting and lowering of the door. Garage Door Repair Menlo Park suggests that if your door is lighter weight you should opt for a ½ HP opener to avoid wasting energy. However, if your door is constructed using a heavier material, a larger motor is essential for safe and efficient function.

Why doesn't my door ever reach the floor?

One answer is due to the sensitivity of the sensors. They sense an obstruction and stop the door. The experts of our garage door company in Menlo Park will also recommend problems with the springs, cables, tracks or garage door openers. Dented tracks won't allow the rollers to move the door all the way down. The same will happen with loose cables and problematic openers and the garage door springs may need adjustment.

Does the garage door remote require maintenance?

You will extend its useful life if you keep it in good condition, according to the technicians of our company. You should keep it away from water, humidity and the sun. You should clean it regularly with a little bit of alcohol. You should remove rust from the battery contacts using vinegar.

Why sectional doors are preferable?

Sectional doors are particularly strong because each of their panels is connected with the door tracks separately. One-piece doors rely on a pair of tracks. Each panel of sectional doors is replaced alone in case of damage and you won't have to replace the whole door.

Do I need an opener with battery back-up?

You will certainly benefit from this feature in case of an emergency. It will be quite useful to you if you find it difficult to leave the door manually and/or if there are frequent power cuts in your area. There are openers that work with a back-up battery, which is available as an optional accessory.

Why is it important to check the door balance?

If the garage door is not balanced, there will be a gap under the panel and that's not good for security reasons. It will also indicate that the overhead door doesn't move evenly. Our specialists in Menlo Park proficiently assist balancing the door. It actually requires the adjustment of garage door springs and cables so the door closes down well.

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